Gloria Steinem: Young women support Bernie Sanders because they want attention from boys

Maher then joked that he wouldn’t be allowed to say such a thing, lest Steinem slap him, because chalking you women’s politics up to their desire to meet boys actually is a profoundly sexist thing to do. (It’s also the case that people don’t appear to radicalize, or change much at all politically, strictly due to age.) It’s just too bad that insight had to come from Bill Maher instead of Gloria Steinem.

Meanwhile, one wonders why Sanders has support at all-women’s colleges like Wellesley when there are few cute boys around to impress, and why Steinem once declared Bernie Sanders an “honorary woman” to endorse him in a 1996 race against a Republican woman. If Steinem has radicalized with age, her remarks about young women’s politics certainly don’t show it.