The liberal fantasy of cultural appropriation

Of course, it was a Christian — Newton — who discovered Newtonian physics, and a Jew — Einstein — who discovered relativistic physics. Jews and Christians invented the majority of modern medicine — antibiotics and vaccines — and the majority of advanced mathematics. The automobile was invented by the Jew Siegfried Marcus, and the airplane by the Christian Wright brothers — who were the sons of an Evangelical bishop.

Christians and Jews demand that young leftists renounce modern art, science, and transportation.

And the ancient Greeks want drama back, and democracy. A few young Peronistas think Japan wants sushi back. Perhaps Italy wants pasta and pizza back, Germany, hamburgers and frankfurters, and Denmark, danishes. Et cetera, et cetera.

Every normal person understands that every one of us stands on the shoulders of giants. Newton, Einstein, Aristotle, the inventors of the danish, and so on. And, though the West gave the East computers and plastic, and the East gave the West gunpowder and silk, undergraduates have given us nothing. But that’s not their fault — they’re young and innocent. They know nothing. You can’t blame an undergraduate for panicking about cultural appropriation any more than you can blame a puppy for chewing up your baseball mitt. That’s why these kids are in school — to learn things.

The spineless, weasely deans and presidents of America’s universities should try to remember that.