Mark Levin: There's no distance between Hillary, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio on foreign policy

You know what’s going on in Libya today? ISIS is on the move, al-Qaeda is on the move, Egypt is being threatened. Europe is being threatened. You know what is right across from the Mediterranean Sea?

Europe, that’s right, right across from Tripoli.

Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio — they have lit a light to this part of the world, they lit a match. No, I am not an isolationist, no I am not Ron Paul, no I am not Pat Buchanan. I am a conservative Reaganite strong defense hawk, but you don’t intervene in every situation.

We’re not out to create new societies, we’re out to preserve our own. We’re out to protect our allies and our allies are out to protect us. Let’s see Saturday night if there are any serious questions in that regard to Marco Rubio, or will it be: “Dr. Carson, what do you think of Ted Cruz’s ethics?” “Marco Rubio, what do you think about the ethics of Ted Cruz?” “Donald Trump, what do you think about it?”