Cruz, Rubio, and the moral bankruptcy of progressive identity politics

Why? Because white progressives have engineered a cultural system where black and Latino politicians deserve respect only if they get with the progressive program — the entire progressive program.

Just ask formerly pro-life Jesse Jackson. Not even marching with Martin Luther King Jr. could protect him from the intolerant demands of progressive sexual revolutionaries. He had to switch sides.

Just ask any black leader who opposes gay rights, only to be be told that “you can’t be pro-black and homophobic at the same time.” The appropriation of the language of civil rights on behalf of a population that was never enslaved, never denied the right to vote, and never subject to Jim Crow is offensive. Yet even the most “powerful” black and Latino civil-rights organizations salute and obey. Everything is Selma now.

Identity politics isn’t identity politics. It’s progressivism masking its will to power behind racial self-righteousness. What does racial-identity politics have to do with an abortion-on-demand regime that disproportionately murders black babies in the womb? Shut up, and get in line. What does racial-identity politics have to do with a gay-rights movement that is systematically attacking religious liberty, including the liberty of the very churches that have long served as the spiritual and cultural backbone of black and Latino cultures? Shut up, and get in line.