Marco Rubio is a new kind of Republican. Really.

Think about it this way: What sorts of problems would a modern, forward-thinking Republican identify as America’s big 21st century challenges? And what solutions would they propose? Such a person might see an economy where technology and globalization generate both opportunity and anxiety for the middle- and working-class. A slow rising tide doesn’t seem to be lifting boats these days. While faster economic growth is necessary, it’s not sufficient right now to provide broadly shared prosperity and security.

That would be a reasonable diagnosis, one more sophisticated than merely blaming “Obamanomics” for more than a decade of subpar income growth and continued high inequality. And that’s pretty much what Rubio has been saying. And when it comes to solutions, a center-right policymaker accepting the above thesis might propose: 1. major tax relief for low-income Americans; 2. health care reform that covers more Americans with private insurance but at less cost than ObamaCare; 3. making higher-ed more affordable while providing more value; 4. updating Social Security to eliminate old-age poverty. and 5. supply-side tax and regulatory reform to promote innovation and economic dynamism. All of which Rubio is proposing.