How Bernie Sanders will help the GOP nominee

As a conservative, I am much more sympathetic to Hillary Clinton’s case for gradual change than I am to Bernie Sanders’s calls for radical upheaval. But I must admit a feeling of pleasure in the way Sanders has exposed the liberal Democratic establishment for what it is. These people are so self-absorbed and self-congratulatory that they do not even conceive of themselves as an establishment. When Sanders raised the issue during the Democratic debate, Clinton responded by saying she can’t be establishment because she’s a woman. Does she really believe that? Can she not see that feminists and the abortion lobby run large swathes of the Democratic Party? Probably not. Delusion is a powerful thing.

I admire the fact that Sanders has basically called every Democratic hack, wonk, and journalist in the city as part of the status quo. But I also think his solutions are totally at odds with political reality, especially in the sphere of foreign policy. And I also know that the Democratic establishment against which Sanders is fighting includes almost all of the mainstream media, which wants nothing more than Clinton to have an easy path to the Democratic nomination. Sanders is very likely to win New Hampshire next week. But I admit I subscribe to the conventional wisdom. Bernie as the Democratic nominee is just something I cannot see right now.

So it will be Hillary. It always has been Hillary. And here Bernie Sanders has been useful. He has already exposed the soft underbelly of the Clintons’ fourth run at the White House.