What’s the point of Jeb Bush now?

I don’t get Jeb Bush’s candidacy anymore. It made sense back in 2012. But in 2016 we have a crop of current, elected leaders who are actively engaged in the conversation of American politics and policy. It was always a bit much for Jeb Bush to come back into the game claiming relevance after leaving office in January of 2007.

Now? Having tried to be his own man — having tried to be “Jeb!” — he is having his mother and brother campaign for him and is riding on the grace and good manners of loyal Bush donors without expanding his base.

Bush donors cannot get Jeb Bush the nomination by themselves. And now his base of Bush donors is shrinking. The reality is, based on press reports, Jeb Bush is remaining in the race because the dispassionate analysis of an experienced governor has turned to personal animosity at his former charge, Marco Rubio, daring to stay in the race.