The GOP's Crump cancer

Another measure of the creeping Crump cancer is the rise of Marco Rubio as the much-spun savoir of the center-right. This “establishment” voice was a tea party insurgent six years ago. His rhetoric is optimistic and inclusive, but he continues to resist marriage equality and deny climate change, while abandoning his own immigration reform bill and opposing abortion even in cases of rape and incest. This is center-right only by the standards of the Crump era.

Speaking to The Daily Beast from Manchester, New Hampshire, Senator Lindsey Graham was typically blunt in his assessment of the daylight between Rubio and Crump. “[Rubio] abandoned the immigration solution. He basically sounded like Cruz in the last debate,” the Jeb-backing Graham said on the day his South Carolina Senate colleague Tim Scott endorsed Rubio. “Our party’s got nuts again on immigration, and Trump started this. Trump’s position on immigration’s insane. What did we learn from 2012? We have a problem with Hispanics. Well, every problem we’ve had, Trump has made worse.”

The Republican path to victory means reaching out to women as well as Hispanics, according to Graham. “Name one person who’s been more insulting to women than Donald Trump. When it comes to abortion, I’m pro-life. [But] very few people support the idea of a no exception for rape and incest. That will define Rubio and Cruz with young women….that you can have no exceptions for rape and incest, and sell it with a smile, you’re kiddin’ yourself.”