The Jeb Bush to Marco Rubio donor shift is real and it's accelerating

Approximately 119 previous Jeb Bush donors gave to Marco Rubio for the first time in December.

That’s part of an accelerating trend over the last few months as Bush’s candidacy slowly tanked during the fall, according to a BuzzFeed News data analysis of the most recent campaign finance reports.

Because FEC filings are long and complex, we used a script that matched first name, last name, and zip code to identify the donors. That’s a decent rule of thumb, but not perfect; it doesn’t account, for example, for people who moved between ZIP codes, for who donors misspelled their names, or for ZIP codes with multiple people with the same name. Hence, the word “approximately.”

And although it’s not a huge number of donors, it’s not insignificant either — the donors contributed approximately $249,500, per BuzzFeed News data analysis.