Dear Trump supporters: Hear me out before you vote

Here’s the most important reason for not supporting Trump: You’re throwing away your chance to change the country for the better. Even if Trump could win in November, bluster and insults are not enough when it comes to our economic, spiritual and social futures. Running a real estate company has nothing to do with running a country, forging alliances in Congress, or dealing with foreign allies and enemies. Running a lemonade stand is not the same as running a massive citrus farm.

Trump’s dominance reflects your disgust and dissatisfaction, not an endorsement of his vague policies. So ask yourself this: Of everything Trump has promised, what does the president actually have the power to change? Forget the crazy stuff (that everyone will say “Merry Christmas”) and focus on the big-ticket items such as building a wall at Mexico’s expense. If that’s a good idea, can a president make it happen, and how would he or she do so?

Because Trump would be powerless to do a lot of the things you want — make new laws, alter U.S. strategy — a vote for him is a guarantee that actual, realistic changes you want will never happen. Instead of translating your outraged voices into meaningful action, you would be thwarted by a candidate who knowingly made promises he couldn’t keep.