Ted Cruz counters Trump with targeted approach in Iowa

It is a sophisticated, narrowly tailored approach: Borrowing from the latest research in behavioral psychology, the campaign gave its precinct captains talking points from which to write personal notes or to make calls telling supporters that the captains were looking forward to seeing them on Monday.

“If I know someone’s looking for me on caucus night — if you and I are planning to see each other on caucus night, I’m more inclined to go because I want to keep my commitment to you to show up,” Mr. English said.

The method assumes a carefully cultivated list of supporters, well acquainted with what is expected of them when they show up at their precincts…

“I’ve seen no evidence of and heard no supporting evidence to suggest they’re running anything like this,” Mr. English said, nodding toward the din of dozens of simultaneous phone conversations. “If this is what it takes to get regular caucus voters to go to caucus, it would take this plus something in order to get people who don’t.”