Don't underestimate Donald Trump's ground game

Robinson believes Trump’s organization is ready for Monday night because it has been effective in empowering local organizers.

“The Trump campaign is unique in that it appeals to all these new people but they’ve also done a really good job of getting organizers and letting them organize their own communities,” Robinson said. “The average age is over 40, it’s not just young kids.”

There is near-unanimity that the best campaign infrastructure among all the GOP candidates belongs to Curz.

The Cruz campaign’s communications director, Rick Tyler, told The Hill that the campaign had named chairpeople to every one of Iowa’s 99 counties “quite a while back.” He added, “today, we have over 12,000 volunteers averaging 2,000 door-knocks a day, 20,000 calls per day.” The Cruz campaign has a designated precinct captain in “almost all” the 1681 precincts across the state, Tyler said.

There is no other Republican campaign that can compete with those metrics.