A political realignment 10 years in the making

In this election cycle, we’ve pretty much put the cart before the horse. We mock the folks flocking to Donald Trump, because we never acknowledged their frustrations.

The political class only seemed to notice people’s frustration this summer as both Trump and Bernie Sanders, an avowed socialist, began running circles around the establishment candidates.

Well, I’ve been reporting that frustration from locales across the country since 2005. (Yes, people have been building to this moment for 10 years.) A cursory look at the “wave” midterm election cycles from 2006 through 2014, the “change” presidential election of 2008, and the total realignment of state legislative majorities, provides sufficient evidence of America’s frustration with government.

This country’s political alignment is missing one thing, and it’s a big thing — a party that represents the moderately traditionalist values of the country’s majority.

America doesn’t need two secular, cosmopolitan parties.