Marco Rubio -- the next American president

If you think that Donald Trump has been dominating the Republican primary process then you are just not paying attention — it is, and always has been, all about Marco Rubio.

It is now only a matter of days until the first presidential primary (February 1st) and sure, Donald Trump is still managing to capture most of the media attention. But then again he always would, regardless of his polling numbers. He is an anti-establishment candidate, and his brand of say-anything, do-anything politics is clearly eye-catching if not particularly intelligent. And he certainly can no longer be dismissed in the same way that he was after first announcing his candidacy.

Trump has been polling at almost 40% nationally and 30% in Iowa for months now, and if anything his support is only getting stronger the closer we get to the voting. Trump is a real candidate and his voters are real Republicans. It is just that a closer look at the race indicates something very different, and only one obvious winner – Marco Rubio.