I do not care for this Trump fellow

Let’s parse this, shall we? Would it be politically incorrect to call a top-ranked female anchor (with a law degree) currently on the cover of Vanity Fair a bimbo? Or would it be rude, ludicrous, wrong and pathetic? Nothing about this is hard.

Ironically, the “unfairness” that got Trump so bunched up was Kelly’s apt question about whether, given his many derogatory remarks about women, he has the temperament to be president. It would appear that Kelly’s aim was true and Trump responded in consistent form. Among other boy-bathroom remarks, he implied that she might have been on her period. Charming.

Further, it would seem, Kelly rather precisely made her case.

As this sordid world turns, Trump once again succeeded in liberating the dirty little ids of his Twitter feed’s tiniest minds. Armed with their biggest, manliest tweets, Trumpulists wasted no time hammering Kelly with a urinal wall’s worth of female-specific, often-sexual insults. A Vocativ analysis of a day’s tweets included the following word counts: “bitch” (423), “bimbo” (404), “blonde” (128), “cheap” (66) and others too crude for print.