Bill Maher: I wish liberals had the same intolerance for Muslims that they do for Christians

“This is the horribleness of what’s going on in Rome. Oh my God, naked titties and tiny penises!” Maher joked.

“I think people are mixing up two things: tolerance and capitulation,” the HBO host observed. “It’s one thing to be tolerant of another culture, but this is out culture, you know? Christianity had a problem with titties, in like 1300. We got over it. So we shouldn’t change our culture to a more backward culture, should we.”

Radio talk show host Thom Hartmann, the number one liberal talker in the nation, chimed in to say this is not a Muslim problem, but a “fundamentalist problem.” Hartmann also made a reference to former Attorney John Ashcroft covering up a nude statue at the Department of Justice doing his tenure. Maher stopped him right there.

“Except when it happened in this country, the liberals laughed at him and they opposed him,” Maher told Hartmann. “I wish they would have the same enthusiasm for intolerance elsewhere in the world as they do for Christians here at home who really aren’t a problem because they don’t really get their way. It’s laughable.”