The Cam Newton hate is over his showboating, not his race

Cam’s over-the-top style of play has even caught the eye of NBA types, with Charles Barkley telling ESPN between sandwiches, “As much I love Cam, if I played against him I would put a hit on him, no question. Because they [The Panthers] rub it in pretty good.”

Charles isn’t racist for wanting to “put a hit” on Cam, and neither are any of the white players who want to join him. No opposing player or fan has ever liked a showboat in sports since the beginning of time. And when the showboat in question wins his way to the biggest stage, the hate is only going to intensify, regardless of color or creed.

I’m not denying that some people are rubbed the wrong way by the fact that he’s black, but let’s leave the Oscar’s voters out of this. The truth is, most people have no problem with the way Cam Newton plays. They find it refreshing because the NFL has gone to great lengths to legislate the fun out of the game.

You might be one of them. I am. Seriously. If he wants to taunt a bunch of 300-pound killing machines, that’s his problem, not mine. All I ask is that he doesn’t cry racism if he ends up wearing a white cast, because somebody is gonna pop him. If his on-field confrontations this season are any indication, it’s going to be a black player.