Surveys say: Donald Trump is the favorite of moderate Republicans

In a Public Policy Polling survey of Iowa released Thursday, Trump led among Republicans who self-identify as moderate (32 percent to 17 percent for second-place U.S. Senator Marco Rubio) and “somewhat conservative” (34 percent to 17 percent each for Cruz and Rubio). Cruz led Trump 38 to 24 percent among “very conservative” voters. (Overall, Trump led Cruz 31 to 23 percent.)

A Quinnipiac survey this week found Trump dominant among “moderate” or “liberal” voters. He received with 37 percent, with Rubio in second place with 19 percent. Meanwhile, Cruz led Trump 49 to 29 percent among “very conservative” voters, and 50 to 34 percent among Tea Party voters. (Trump led 31 to 29 percent overall.)

An Iowa poll this week by Monmouth found Trump leading the pack among “moderate” voters (29 percent to 21 percent for second-place Rubio) and among “somewhat conservative” (34 to 16 percent for second-place Cruz). Cruz led Trump 36 to 27 percent among “very conservative” voters. (Trump led Cruz 30 to 23 percent overall.)

In New Hampshire, a bastion for more moderate Republicans, Trump is dominating the field in polls—and winning among moderates.