SEIU, Luis Gutierrez team up to turn five million Latino immigrants into voters

Gutierrez advised Latinos to “get angry” over the anti-immigrant rhetoric emanating from Republican presidential candidates “then naturalize, register and vote.”

“Can you believe calling all Mexicans rapists?” he asked during a conference call announcing the New American Democracy Campaign, referring to controversial comments made by real estate mogul and former reality TV star Donald Trump. “Banning all people of one religion from the United States?”

There’s nothing the groups can do to speed up the naturalization process, but the initiative is aimed at making sure the millions of elilgible permanent residents who are eligible to file for citizenship actually do file.

Gutierrez said he’s excited to travel across the country, starting in his hometown of Chicago, to attend as many of the nearly 100 naturalization seminars that the collaborating organizations are putting on. He also plans to hit Colorado, Florida and Nevada, among other states with significant Latino populations.