An Iowa win might make the Trump train unstoppable

Mike McSherry, a longtime campaign consultant and former executive director of the Republican Governors’ Association, said: “If Trump wins Iowa, I don’t know how you’d stop him. All these guys are going to be chewing each other’s throats out for second place.”

A top official of a rival GOP campaign, speaking anonymously to avoid offending his candidate, said: “If Donald Trump wins Iowa, I think he has won—period. Ted Cruz is supposed to win Iowa. If Trump wins, he’ll be on a trajectory to come out of the SEC primaries [March 1] with close to triple the delegates of anyone else.”

One of the nation’s best-known Republican strategists, speaking on condition of anonymity because of his close connections to the leaders of several of the campaigns, said: “Only Trump can stop himself. All his opponents can do is cause him to do things that make him less appealing.”…

Asked if Trump can be stopped if he wins Iowa and New Hampshire, Bruce Haynes, a GOP consultant and the CEO of Purple Strategies, was succinct: “Probably not,” he said.