Why Trump is beating Fox News -- and GOP rivals

Today every taxi company in America could band together, and they still would not stop the power of Uber. That is because when you gain enough momentum, you dominate the market and the conversation.

In his effect on everything from Fox News to the Koch Brothers to the newspapers that endorse candidates, Trump has disrupted every single aspect of the game of politics and created new rules — and based on the polls, what he’s done is working.

And so far, most of the political establishment has been wrong about what this all means. They said he wouldn’t last and now he’s leading in the polls. They said he wouldn’t disclose his financial information or quit reality TV and he did both. They said that every insulting, ridiculous, inaccurate and offensive thing that Trump has said would hurt him. No sign of this. They said no network would bow to his demands for shorter debates — but they did.

Who knows what will happen when the Republican National Committee has to officially pick its candidate for president, but — holy cow — it sure will be interesting to watch. And who will we be watching? Trump.