Video: "Anybody who knows me knows you can't buy me"

Speaking over the phone with MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, Clinton was asked how she will respond to impending attack ads from her main primary challenger, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I, Vt.), who is expected to target her ties to Wall Street.

“As anybody who knows me knows, you can’t buy me,” Clinton said in response, defending her commitment to regulate financial firms and weaken Wall Street’s influence.

“I’ve been standing up and fighting and getting knocked around for years trying to get things done that I think would improve peoples’ lives, and I’m not going to stop,” Clinton added. “And that includes anybody trying to, you know, mess with our financial system.”

Clinton described Sanders’ attacks as “disappointing” and a “low blow,” saying the Senator from Vermont is becoming “increasingly personal with his attacks” and breaking his pledge to not conduct a negative campaign.