Anti-establishment does not mean pro-conservative

Donald Trump will change everything.

This seems to be the consensus among anti-establishment Republicans. According to the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, Trump leads among anti-establishment primary voters with an actual majority of 51 percent. And a full 51 percent of Republicans think Trump is “the best choice to bring needed change to Washington, perhaps the single most crucial attribute to leaned Republicans.”

Trump makes this case, too. He’s said that he’s the establishment’s worst nightmare. He says he’s too rich too be bought, too independent to care about what his enemies say, too powerful to be stopped. He’ll stand up for the American people by standing against the powers-that-be.

Then he turns around and says he’ll make deals. “I think the [establishment is] warming up,” Trump said this week. “I want to be honest, I have received so many phone calls from people that you would call establishment, from people — generally speaking … conservatives, Republicans — that want to come onto our team. We are getting calls from everybody that it’s actually amazing. I’m actually surprised.”