Huckabee backers slam Cruz as a "phony" Christian in new Iowa ad

“He doesn’t tithe?” one woman says in the ad. “A millionaire that brags about his faith all the time?”

“Just what we need — another phony,” the second woman responds.

The ad ends with the first woman concluding, “Guess we’ve narrowed down our list. Can’t caucus for Cruz,” while her friends nods solemnly in agreement.

Nick Ryan, who runs Pursuing America’s Greatness, said the goal of the new ad is to expose Cruz as disingenuous when it comes to matters of faith and conservative values.

“They think they own the evangelical vote,” Ryan said of the Cruz campaign. “I think it’s important that those voters, as they go through their final discernment, really look at who Ted Cruz is, and how he’s chosen to live his life.”