The sexism in Donald Trump’s latest swipe at Fox News’s Megyn Kelly

In any case, Trump riffed about Kelly: “I’m not a big fan of hers at all. I don’t care,” said the candidate. “I mean … I might be the best thing that ever happened to her. Who ever even heard of her before the last debate?”

Well, at least those thousands and thousands who saw her profiled in grand fashion in the New York Times Magazine. Or Elle. Or The Washington Post. Or in GQ. Or those thousands and thousands who saw the viral clip of her ripping conservative commentators over their views on women breadwinners. Or the thousands and thousands who have seen any number of other Kelly interviews, including the time she ripped former Vice President Dick Cheney or embarrassed herself about the race of Santa Claus.

As all those Megyn Kelly profiles demonstrate, this is a woman who made her way from Delmar, N.Y., to the top of the No. 1 cable network because of hard work and risk-taking. Nowhere in those profiles is any mention of a “small” $1 million loan given to Kelly by her father, as is the case with Trump. In fact, Kelly’s father died when she was 15, not long after he’d canceled some of his life insurance coverage, as reported by the New York Times.