The massive gap between whites and Latinos in how they perceive Donald Trump

Before June 16, Latinos and whites had similar assessments of Trump. In the immediate aftermath of his “rapist” comments, though, Trump’s Latino popularity plummeted from a net favorability rating of minus 25 all the way down to minus 60 in July, before stabilizing at around minus 50 over the past several months.

Meanwhile, whites’ assessments of Trump have moved in the opposite direction. His net rating increased steadily during the summer months of 2015, before plateauing at minus 10 in November. So, while Trump is still unpopular with whites in general, his campaign has sharply polarized Americans by race and ethnicity.

That polarization persists after controlling for the fact that whites are more likely to be Republicans than Latinos and this polarization is unique to Trumps. Whites and Latinos have not grown further apart in their impressions of other Republican presidential candidates.