How the New England Patriots could reshape the New Hampshire primary

A quick look at event schedules shows that this isn’t lost on campaigns. Despite the presidential race reaching a fever pitch, the state will be suspiciously quiet this Sunday: the only public appearance by a candidate during the game will be Chris Christie, who attends a watch party in Hampton Falls.

“I’m from New Hampshire,” says Emmalee Kalmbach, a spokesperson for Kasich’s campaign in the state. “You don’t interrupt your family when they’re watching the Patriots. And you don’t call voters during the Patriots games. I’m serious.”…

Dennehy, who is not affiliated with a campaign this cycle, says campaigns aren’t just worried about voters – there’s a chance volunteers will take the day off too.

“You only have so many weekend days when you can pull together as many volunteers as possible to make phone calls or go door-to-door,” Dennehy says. “My guess is you’d see a 30-40 percent drop-off in volunteers [on Super Bowl Sunday].”