Charles Hurt: Where was National Review's outrage at candidates who supported amnesty and bailouts?

CHARLES HURT: I don’t really see how it is going to be that effective, because most of the people out there supporting Donald Trump so jubilantly right now, are not reading the National Review or the Wall Street Journal editorial page, or any of these other publications that are held in such high regard around here.

But I have to say, I get that they’re making these arguments, it is good, I applaud that, but my goodness, when you look at the policies, many of which came from conservatives for years out of Washington. Why didn’t they have any outrage over that?

Where was this unified conservative outrage over the bank bailout in 2008? Where is the unified conservative outrage over launching a trillion-plus dollar war paid for with nothing but debt, where is the outrage over Republican politicians who come along and supported amnesty?