Trump's immigration position in 2013 was verbatim the same as Rubio's current position

Just like all the other conservative positions that Donald Trump allegedly holds, the evidence is mounting that he has been an immigration hardliner for about five minutes. Courtesy of Ann Coulter, who somehow thought this would help Trump, here is a tweet from Donald Trump in 2013, explaining that his position is exactly the same as Marco Rubio’s:

Trump’s defenders will say that Rubio can’t be trusted to stick to this position because he only came by it recently. Meanwhile, Donald Trump came by literally all of his positions recently, and that does not matter to any of them.

This, really, is more evidence of the fact that Trump’s immigration demagogue act is of extremely recent vintage. As we have noted before, as recently as 2011 he was reiterating the hated line about “jobs Americans won’t do.”