Social Justice Warriors need to get a sense of humor about trans people

No, the real problem isn’t about the car crash joke but rather the dual references to Jenner both as Bruce and Caitlyn. According to Lowder, that’s “dead-naming”—proving social justice activists can come up with a name for everything.

The overwrought word for a simple phenomenon illustrates the problem with social justice critiques of comedy and pop culture. They are too high-strung, they take themselves too seriously, and they are not able to lighten up and just let things go for an instant. Everything needs to be analyzed and classified down to a single word.

It’s not enough to express yourself in simple English. Social justice critics need to come up with a pseudo-intellectual language to affirm themselves. Gervais didn’t simply call someone by the wrong name. He dead-named. A hypothetical know-it-all who happens to be male and condescendingly explains his view to a woman isn’t simply being arrogant, he’s mansplaining. College cafeterias don’t just make crappy food, making crappy food means they appropriate. Social justice warriors can find an offense everywhere—and must, to justify their existence.