Poll: Bernie Sanders now within single digits of Hillary nationally

Sanders has always been well-liked, compared with Clinton. This poll is no exception. More than half the overall public has an unfavorable view of Clinton, and that has been true in the poll for a while. As for Sanders, among the public overall more are favorable than are unfavorable – something that cannot be said of any of the other candidates, Democrat or Republican. Among Democratic primary voters, while 70% have a favorable opinion of Clinton, even more – 78% – have a favorable view of Sanders.

Sanders’s gains on the former Secretary of State in voter preference is accompanied by a gain in his credibility among Democratic voters and the public overall. 51% the public believes Sanders could win the general election if the Democrats nominate him, his highest rating yet in YouGov’s polling. Nearly three-quarters of Democratic voters agree.

However, Clinton continues to be perceived as the most electable Democratic – or Republican – candidate.