Altar boy at center of another Rolling Stone rape story has as much credibility as UVA’s Jackie

Daniel Gallagher, now 27 years old, claimed he was raped by two Philadelphia priests and one of his teachers while serving as an altar boy at age 10. His lurid testimony—he described being passed from one monster to the next, forced to engage in oral and anal sodomy—put all three men behind bars some years ago.

What happened to Gallagher was unconscionable. If it happened at all, that is.

Unfortunately, a thorough review of Gallagher’s past statements about his mistreatment paint a shockingly clear portrait of a serial liar who went after the archdiocese to cover up his own criminal drug dealings. Not only did Gallagher repeatedly alter key details regarding his alleged abuse, his statements are actually contradicted—over and over again—by actual facts uncovered during the investigation.

That’s according to a compelling piece in Newsweek that finds fault with basically all aspects of Gallagher’s story and the court’s handling of the criminal cases.