Welcome to the world where everyone's right --- or a villain

We’re all so sure of ourselves.

That’s the trend I see around me — and it doesn’t matter the topic. Culture, entertainment, politics, whatever.

For example: If you’re watching the hit Netflix documentary series “Making a Murderer,” then you probably have a strong opinion on whether its protagonist, Steven Avery, is guilty or not.


I fall on the “not guilty” side.

I believe, with an unwavering conviction, that Avery was set up. No amount of additional information, available online, has convinced me otherwise. Friends who think Avery is guilty have sent me details of incriminating evidence and laid out various scenarios explaining how and why Avery was rightfully convicted.

I haven’t budged. I, too, have produced information to bolster my side. I can run through the evidence of his innocence in bullet points and yet my “he’s guilty” friends remain unmoved.

But “Making a Murderer,” I’ve noticed, isn’t the exception. It’s the rule.

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