How Sarah Palin compounds the Trump effect

But the naysayers misunderestimate Palin’s unique appeal—and that of her chosen heir, Trump. In a normal election year, Donald Trump’s three marriages and his casinos would discount him amongst the social conservative, largely evangelical Iowa Republican primary electorate. But this is a base that isn’t looking for a peacetime nominee. They’re looking for a wartime nominee and the enemy is Washington.

If battle with the establishment is your goal, there is no greater ally than Palin, who has made a very lucrative career out of being the bane of the Grand Old Party’s existence. Just ask Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who, Trump noted in the news release announcing Palin’s endorsement, once said that he “would not be in the United States Senate were it not for Gov. Sarah Palin. … She can pick winners.”

Cruz is vying for the anti-establishment mantle and in recent weeks overtook Trump in Iowa polls. Palin’s endorsement comes the same day that Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad, once an establishment man who got elected, in part, with Palin’s help, said he hopes Cruz is defeated in Iowa.