Can Hillary take "13 Hours" of truth?

The movie succeeds in telling this story. But sure to anger Obama administration supporters are the fleeting, but damning, references to the absurd assertion that the attack grew out of a YouTube video protest as well as scenes exposing blood-boiling bureaucratic incompetence and negligence both before and after the attack began. Perhaps nothing has caused more consternation than a scene depicting the CIA bureau chief giving the men a “stand down” order when they sought permission to save Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., has blasted this as “clearly at odd with the facts.”

“The words were said to me. I heard him say, ‘Stand down’,” Tiegen told me. Paronto added, “I saw (him being) told to stand down and we were told twice to wait. Saying (this) happened didn’t bring us any love. It’s the truth.”

Americans can decide who they want to believe: the people who actually lived through the 13-hour attack or the bungling and partisan bureaucrats who have yet to take full responsibility for the tragedy that happened on their watch. “The truth is not partisan,” Paronto told me. Or at least it shouldn’t be.