Big donors are changing their tune on Trump

“There have been a lot of people who were on the fence at the beginning,” Edwards said when asked about Trump support within his business networks. “My friends are now seeing something in him. … He just understands business, and he’s right in saying that America is a business. It’s a multibillion-dollar business.”

Wealthy Trump supporters interviewed for this story say they want to give the GOP front-runner significantly more money than allowed within the limits of campaign finance law and by Trump’s self-imposed rejection of super-PACs.

Boch tried to donate the $87,000 cost of his summer fundraiser as an in-kind contribution to Trump’s campaign, but he was refunded all but $2,700 to comply with Federal Election Commission rules. He says he would be willing to give Trump more than $1 million if only the billionaire would allow a vehicle to accept it.

Boch and a number of other big-money donors say they believe Trump in a general election will be willing to take as much money as required to defeat likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.