A semiautomatic handgun ban wouldn't stop mass shooters

While mass shooters can plan their attacks by bringing multiple guns, extra magazines, or speed loaders for revolvers, concealed-carry permit holders are unlikely to lug along any extra equipment. And the law-abiding citizen won’t be able to carry as many bullets in a legal revolver as in a potentially illegal semi-automatic.

So if the Democrats ban self-loading guns that fire a bullet each time you pull the trigger, what is the alternative? Single-shot rifles that require you to physically reload the gun after each shot? Derringer handguns that can fire one or two rounds before they have to be reloaded?

Make no mistake, there would be a real cost to these bans, particularly for the most vulnerable people who are likely to be victims of violent crime (poor blacks who live in high-crime areas) and those who are weaker physically (women and the elderly).

Single-shot guns may not do people a lot of good when they are facing multiple attackers. Or, for that matter, when their first shot misses or fails to stop an attacker. These are cruel proposals for people who want to be able to defend themselves and others. The question is: Do these Democrats care?