The truth about Donald Trump: He's done a lot of good by running this year

First, he exposed the consultant class of the GOP as profiteering charlatans. They have been unable to come up with a strategy to stop Donald Trump, build up the establishment candidates, or do anything other than make a mint off losing candidates. Trump’s campaign is, compared to the consultant class in D.C., an island of misfit toys and those misfit toys are kicking the GOP’s ass.

Second, Trump has exposed just how much contempt the GOP Establishment has for conservatives. As we get closer and closer to Iowa, the very consultants Trump has been crushing are now openly flirting with Trump as an alternative to Cruz. Their reasoning, which they are admitting in public, is that they see Trump as an opportunist and they fear and loath Ted Cruz because he is too principled. These are stunning admissions from a group of people who’ve paid for their beach houses by wooing conservatives to give them money for decades.

Third, Trump has again blown the door off the idea that Super PACs are a cure all for Republicans. They are not. The media and political left want to crack down on Super PACs and stop money from flowing into politics. After this year, the political left should be begging Republican donors to create Super PACs.

Fourth, Trump has shown that Republican donors continue to be suckers. Exactly how much money have these donors poured into losing causes that scratch their personal itches and no others? Donald Trump is looked down on by a lot of these Republican donors and he has been kicking the butts of the very men and efforts they have funded. Republican donors have less and less in common with Republican voters and Trump’s candidacy has not only exposed that, but also shown that the voters can still best the donors.