The GOP establishment prefers Trump to Cruz? Nonsense

If I had to guess a reason (beyond spite and incompetence – though those would suffice) for why Republican establishment types are talking up Trump’s chances in the general election, it would be to prevent a panic stampede to Cruz among the chamber of commerce conservatives and upper-middle-class moderates that make up the constituency for candidates like Rubio, Christie, Bush, and Kasich.

Cruz beats Trump in head-to-head polling. Trump beats Rubio in head-to-head polling. Trump only beats Cruz if there is a strong three-way race (with Rubio in third place.)

If we take it seriously that a Trump nomination would be an unprecedented moral and electoral disaster, then it is also plausible that affluent conservatives and moderates hold their noses and support Cruz as the best chance to block Trump. Given where the polling is, anti-Trump panic benefits Cruz.