Ted Cruz: Where was Donald Trump during the Gang of Eight fight in 2013?

“I like Donald Trump, I respect him personally, and in this campaign he’s talked a lot about illegal immigration and amnesty,” Cruz told the crowd. Going on to detail the 2013 immigration reform battle in Congress — legislation he opposed — Cruz continued, “We were on the verge of losing this fight, and 12 million people here illegally would be granted amnesty. And yet when that fight was being fought, Donald was nowhere to be found.”

Prodding further on an issue that is central to Trump’s campaign, Cruz continued, “If you didn’t stand up and fight amnesty when the stakes were live or die, when the stakes were, ‘Do we lose this permanently or do we win?’ then I would suggest as voters you have reason to doubt the credibility of the promises of a political candidate who discovered the issue after he announces for president.”…

“You should ask, ‘Where did you stand on the TARP big bank bailout? Did you oppose it or support it?’ Where did you stand on Obama’s massive stimulus plan? Did you oppose it or support it?” he said. “On both of those I opposed it. On both of those, Mr. Trump supported it.”