Sarah Palin expected to continue endorsing Sarah Palin today

The last time she endorsed a candidate, it was in the Alaska gubernatorial race – a race in which she endorsed a Democrat and an Independent over what can only be described as a petty personal feud with her ex-running mate. These feuds have sadly become one of the defining characteristics of Sarah Palin’s public persona, as all of us at this website well know.

By all accounts, there is literally no excuse for Sarah Palin not to endorse Ted Cruz, if she believes even half the things she’s been saying over the years about mavericks and people who have taken on entrenched Republican interests. Donald Trump has done none of this. In fact, he specifically attacked Ted Cruz over the weekend on the basis that the Establishment does not like him.

Trump has spent his entire life using crony capitalism to enrich himself while espousing socially and economically liberal ideas. The only thing that makes him “non-Establishment” is that he doesn’t have the basic human decency that God granted to every person who doesn’t realize that making fun of disabled people is wrong.

Trump is, however, great for ratings.