Hey, Bernie fans: Quit whining about people asking for his medical records

Berniebros: grow up. First of all, it’s a legitimate issue. The man would be 75 years old when elected and sworn in, which would make him the oldest president ever elected. The current holder of that record is Ronald Reagan, who was 69. Clinton would also be 69, so she’s up there, too. Donald Trump, incidentally, would be 70 (he’s 15 months Clinton’s senior).

But anyone who’s ever watched their parents age knows that 75 is different. My dear Mom was still playing a little tennis at 75. At 79, that was out of the question, and there were days that she was in such excruciating back pain that she could barely sit up. That 75 to 80 window is often an unforgiving one on the body. And if Sanders were elected and served two terms, he’d be 83 in his last year in office. Brains deteriorate, too. When Mom was 83, I still valued her counsel and insights, but I’m not sure I’d have wanted her to be the president.

Now for all I know Sanders has the mind and body of a 60 year old. Great for him if he does. But surely his health is a fair question, and surely his advanced age makes it a more relevant question than it would be in the cases of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio (Clinton released her records last summer). I get that Brock’s a lightning rod. But it’s a fair question.