Bernie mopped the floor with Hillary at last night's debate

Not only did she say a few things that had Republican admakers rub their hands together with glee — particularly when the subject of an FBI investigation spoke the words “no individual is too big to jail.”

She also had a genuinely creepy, Michael-Corleone-in-“Godfather 2” moment when she basically said “we’re both part of the same hypocrisy” after the third man in the debate, Martin O’Malley, criticized her for raising money on Wall Street.

She really doesn’t have a choice but to position herself as the insider’s insider, really, though she could do it more artfully. She talked about how O’Malley had gotten Wall Street donations when he was head of the Democratic Governors Association. “Well,” O’Malley replied, “I’m not getting them now.”

And we know Sanders isn’t. His issue set is simple. The rich should be soaked, health care should be single-payer and banks are screwing you. The reason good things don’t happen, in his view, is that rich people control politics through our campaign-finance system.