The conservative case against Trump

Other leading conservatives have also pointed out the grave flaws in Trump’s platform, qualifications, and temperament, including Charles Cooke and George Will. But Wehner does a particularly good job of hitting key points. I would only add that Trump’s disdain for constitutional property rights and his long history of crony capitalism should also trouble conservatives, or indeed free market advocates of any kind.

Peter Wehner was my supervisor back when I was a college student intern at Empower America, in the summer of 1993, working for the late Jack Kemp and others. He is far more conservative than I am, especially on social issues. But we are in complete agreement on Trump and the danger he represents. I too will not vote for Trump if he wins the GOP nomination, and agree that Hillary Clinton is a much lesser evil. We should put principle ahead of partisan bias. But such a statement means more coming from a committed Republican like Wehner than it would from me.