Republicans now see a Trump-Cruz race, with time for a shift running out

Spencer Zwick, the national finance chairman for Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign, said power brokers and financiers are now trying to cozy up to Trump in various ways, such as reaching out through mutual friends in New York’s business community.

“A lot of donors are trying to figure their way into Trump’s orbit. There is a growing feeling among many that he may be the guy, so people are certainly seeing if they can find a home over there,” he said…

In another sign of acceptance of the front-runner, Brett O’Donnell, a longtime debate coach for GOP presidential candidates, said Trump’s performance skills have improved notably and have enhanced his reputation among the political class.

“He is starting to get the art of political debate,” O’Donnell said. “He’s starting to understand how to drive a message, how to seize the competitive advantage over his opponents. When he first started out, he would just say awful things and mix it up. Trump has now figured out how to sound more reasonable.”