Cruz has backing of conservative media in "birther" fight

Limbaugh marveled that Sen. John McCain was even jumping on the bandwagon in questioning Cruz’s eligibility. “It’s getting into bizarro territory here now. Remember now, McCain was born in Panama, and his presidential eligibility is the same, and based on the same constitutionality as is Ted Cruz’s,” Limbaugh said last week.

Hannity, meanwhile, said “I see no issue here for Ted Cruz,” with Ingraham agreeing — “There’s no issue whatsoever,” she said.

“The reality is, the reach of talk radio is greater than any other medium,” Cruz campaign chairman Chad Sweet said in a post-debate interview. He went on to add, “There is no other candidate that has had the groundswell of organic support among talk radio that Ted Cruz [has].”

Nodding in particular to Levin and Ingraham, who have legal backgrounds, Sweet continued, “They came forward and very persuasively made the case for why Donald Trump’s [attempt] to assert this nonsensical argument over his citizenship is totally misleading and unproductive.”