Chris Christie: Of course I signed a hugely problematic anti-gun, anti-due-process bill

First, Christie boasts that he is proud to have signed a bill that deprives New Jerseyans who end up on the “terror watch list” of their Second Amendment rights. And then — as casually as can be — he concedes that there are no due process protections for those who have been affected.

Worse, Christie demonstrates that he “understands” how widespread the problems with the systems are, but indicates that he doesn’t especially care. Having cited the bizarre case of Fox’s Stephen Hayes, Christie admits that “from what I understand, it is a very, very difficult thing to be able to work your way off of it.” It should, he suggests, be “easier.” And yet, when asked whether he thinks his endorsement of the bill was a “mistake,” Christie flatly says “no.” Of course there will be people who are unfairly punished, he proposes. But that that is not a good reason to limit the government’s power.