A Trump/Kasich ticket?

When I mentioned a Trump/Kasich ticket to a well-known veteran Republican campaign strategist who thus far has been anti-Trump, his response was “Vedddy interesting. Like it.”


Looking for another opinion, I asked a Trump-leaning national GOP consultant who said emphatically, “That ticket will defeat Hillary.”

Then, on the record, longtime GOP operative Roger Stone said he liked the idea and told me, “Kasich carrying Ohio for the ticket is more likely than Rubio carrying Florida.”

Besides bringing about a marriage of party factions, here is what Kasich would bring to a Trump ticket.

Kasich is a popular incumbent two-term governor of Ohio, a state that, historically, every Republican presidential candidate has won on his path to a White House. An added plus for Kasich is that the Republican National Convention will be held in Cleveland this year.

Kasich has all the traditional presidential experience. He served in Congress for 18 years, including membership on the House Armed Services Committee, earning him national-security credentials. In 1985 he became chairman of the House Budget Committee, where he was chief architect of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997.

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