NBC scrapped story about Bill Clinton rape accuser because she didn't have "anything new" to say

But as emails obtained by TheDC show, the producer was persistent about meeting with Broaddrick and said she was “passionate” about her story.

“I do think there is something extremely important in your decision to tweet today in this particular political climate,” the producer said, adding later that she was part of “a new generation of NBC here who has the opportunity to meet someone who’s [sic] story is one I am passionate about!”

It is unclear why that passion did not translate into a news segment about Broaddrick’s allegations. NBC did not respond to TheDC’s request for comment.

As many observers have pointed out, while Broaddrick’s story is not new in the sense that it has never been covered, it is information that is still unknown to a whole new generation of potential voters who were not around during the sex scandals of the Bill Clinton presidency. That awareness gap is especially important because younger Americans tend to take sexual assault accusations more seriously.