Glenn Beck confronts Rand Paul for questioning Cruz's eligibility in brutal interview

“If you’re not a constitutional scholar, if you’re not a constitutional expert, then what the hell are we voting for you for,” Beck said to Paul.

Paul responded, “If we want debate what a natural born citizen is, you have to go back to either what the Founding Fathers said or the constitutional convention said, and the bottom line is it is ambiguous, and when things are ambiguous…”

Beck cut him off, saying, “Let me ask this question, what does Rand Paul say, not what the courts say, what does — you know you’ve studied this out in your head enough. If you weren’t running for president of the United States and I understand the politics of it, I really do, but if you weren’t running for president of the United States, come on man, if we’re justing sitting in a room together, what would you say? Is he qualified to run for president or not?”

“If I had to guess I would say the courts, in all likelihood, will say yes, but I would say that no court has ever decided what it means to be natural born with regards to eligibility of the president,” said Paul. “I think it’s an open question as far as the courts are concerned.”